They’re here! Check out the all new Paige Pierce First Run discs. We’ve got the Fierce – which is a gorgeous and amazing putter, as well as the 5X World Champion Nuke, Stalker, Sol, and Undertaker – AND the 5X discs all have the bottom stamped quote from Paige’s Dad Wayne.

These First Run discs will only be available for a limited time. Don’t miss your chance to own these collectible, and yet exceedingly throwable discs!

And we still have some of the Prototype Fierce putters available….

Whoa! Discraft has done it again and came out with some incredible new discs, new stamps – this time around Paige Pierce.

Paige Pierce hits it hard with the official release of her beloved Fierce Putter, sporting a retro stock stamp. PLUS she added 4 more Limited Edition First Run 5X Signature Series discs. Each of these Signature Series designs feature a newly designed top stamp with an iconic ghosted under-stamp quote from her father, Wayne Pierce.

Each of these Paige Pierce 5X Signature Series discs features the quote from Paige’s father, Wayne Pierce, as featured in the official Discraft sponsorship announcement. The full quote is ghost under-stamped on these 4 discs for a limited time. The announcement video can be seen below.

JK Discs is excited to see these discs – arriving the week of March 1st…;)


They’re here! And they look amazing! We’ve got the all new Paige Pierce Prototype Putter! Great colour selections and does this disc look and feel good!


And the new Limited Edition Paul McBeth 5X World Champion Signature Series discs are here too! Discraft has done an outstanding job with the stamp (to the edge!) and colours of these discs!

Only available while quantities last! Drop by or order online!

Happy New Year from the whole Discraft family. We’re excited to announce the official release of the new 5X Paul McBeth Signature Series and the official Paige Pierce Prototype Putter.

It’s exciting, adding a 5th disc, the Avenger SS. It’s even more exciting what we did with the design. It took some tweaking, some engineering, and a lot of testing – but here we are. Paul’s new Signature Series discs feature a stamp that goes All. The. Way. to the edge.

Paige’s new putter is more than just looks. Blowing away expectations and doing so in a classic Paige style. This new putter is a wonder to hold and a dream to throw. With a smooth rim, this beadless putter is designed to feel good in everyone’s hand, no matter your hand size or grip style. Players should expect deadly straight flight combined with extra glide like never before.

JK Discs is expecting stock to arrive the week of January 20, 2020. We will not be taking pre-orders (as we haven’t had confirmation of stock numbers from Discraft yet). Watch for more details and hi-res pictures shortly! These discs are expected to be priced at $24.99 each CAD.


2019 was another fantastic year for us!

We want to thank all of you for all that you have done for us and for Disc Golf! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at JK Discs!

With the arrival (and some melting) of snow, you’d think Disc Golf season is over. NOPE! Lots of great things still happening!

Here at JK Discs we have a couple of events coming up where you can pick up some of the latest discs and get some great Christmas presents!

We will be at the Strathmore Christmas Market on Sunday, November 17, from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Civic Centre. And we’ll be at the Strathmore Farmers Market Christmas Market on Saturday, November 30th, from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Civic Centre.

And what amazing things will we have?

I’m glad you asked! Besides our normal incredible selection of discs, we’ve got the Discraft 2019 Halloween Glo Buzz SuperColor and SuperColor Mini discs! These are an awesome limited edition design!

And, we’ve just received some Paul McBeth Trucker Hats….


Yep, we’ve got them, the Paul McBeth Limited Edition 1060 Rating Anax! This gorgeous disc is stamped on the bottom and it looks amazing! But just a limited supply, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Drop by and check them out!

We are really excited to have in stock some brand new Paul McBeth discs! We’ve got the First Run Anax – Paul’s new fairway driver. We’ve got the Paul McBeth Prototype Midrange disc. And, we’ve got the Paul McBeth 5X World Champion Limited Edition Cryztal Luna putter. (Cryztal Luna’s are limited to one per customer). Once they are sold out, they are sold out forever. All three of these discs are currently only available through the JK Discs mobile store, which will be at the Raven Springs fundraiser tournament on Sunday, September 29th. If you want a chance to be one of the first to purchase these unique discs, find your way up to Raven Springs!

New Products

Whew! It’s been a number of days of updates and products! In the last seven days we’ve received product from five different manufacturers, and there is still more to come! Take a look at our new products from RPM, Discraft, Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs! And check out the weights – getting more and more inventory of discs at lighter weights.

And one more surprise to come… Watch for more details. We’re the only Canadian reseller of this new product, something very unique… Drop by to one of our upcoming events to be one of the first to try it… Should arrive in time for Friday…

Upcoming Events

August 2 – Strathmore Farmers Market

August 3 – The Lost Egg – Wayne Alberta

You can experience the full JK Discs mobile store at both of these events. More variety of disc golf products than you can imagine. We’re very happy to be a part of The Lost Egg disc golf tournament happening this weekend also. We can only be there for the Saturday, so drop in if you can.

See you on the courses and at these events!

Hey everyone! We’re out of town for a couple of weeks while Josh is at the PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships presented by Dynamic Discs, down in Emporia Kansas! Might be a little bit slower getting orders out and information until around July 22nd. Thanks for your patience!

We’re going to be at the Kinsmen Park in Strathmore from 11:00 AM – 4:30 PM celebrating Canada Day! Drop in for a visit! All Red or White items in stock are 10% off today! (in person only)