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Latest Discraft Arrivals

What a fun day! The Discraft box arrived with our amazing Disc of the Month discs – you’re going to love them!

But we also received some extra tidbits!

A couple bags of Buzzz Snap Cap Micro Mini’s! These are incredible! Yep, these are the micro mini Buzzz discs that snap on top of your … pop can, so you won’t be spilling it all over the course while walking from hole to hole! Everyone needs a few of these in their bags!

Also got some Z-Line Wasps, the Michael Johansen special edition Comet in Z-Line, some Ringer-GT‘s in Jawbreaker, and some incredible Punishers, in Titanium plastic! These are truly amazing! Some absolutely gorgeous discs! Check them out! By the way, have you been to our brand new website? Our entire inventory can be viewed, AND ordered, online!


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Spring Fling!

Hey Hey Hey! Here’s a sneak preview of some of our specials at the Spring Fling Market on Sunday at the Strathmore Civic Centre:

Marvel Starter Kits – regular price is $45, on sale for $40(They look pretty snazzy if you ask me)
Discraft Starter Kits – regular price is $40, on sale for $35
Legacy Starter Kit – regular price is $47, on sale for $35 (Wow! And they come with a bag!)
Vibram Discs – regular price is $27.99, on sale for $23.99
Be quick to stock up on Vibram, as this the last we’ll ever have! Get them while they last for your collection!
We got a bunch of Discraft Misprints for only $14.99 each!

We’ll have a good selection of Latitude 64, Westside, Innova, RPM, Prodigy and Discraft!

And we still have a few of the Prodigy Practice Baskets, which include a carrying case, for only $150.00!

Strathmore Disc Golf Club Members – show your 2018 tag and get an extra 15% off!

You can also sign up for the Disc of the Month Club, and register for the PAR2 tournament, planned for May 26th.

Lots of things going on, and the season hasn’t even started yet!

See you on Sunday!

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Welcome to the all new JK Discs webpage! This is our brand new website, with a lot more features than we’ve ever had before!

What can you find on our new site?


A complete list of any event that we are involved in. You will be able to watch this grow throughout the season!


Here you’ll find a current list of where we’ll have the mobile shop! It could be as small as a table, or it could be the full three-tent outdoor shop with all of our inventory. If you want to see and touch a disc or bag, then this is where you want to find us.


There are all kinds of other Disc Golf sites out there, and we’ll keep you connected to the important ones.


Yes, we have an online store now! All of our inventory is kept updated in the shop. You can browse by brand, or search by name, and we’ll continue to add new features all the time! We only offer pick up in Strathmore for orders. However in the near future we’ll have shipping available!

Thanks for dropping in, and we look forward to working with you!